How To Make A Template Using Powerpoint.

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A lot of people get confused when starting to use powerpoint. As we have to become a presenter and a designer.

Here we will help you make a great presentation with minimum effort.

You can use many slides for your presentation. Here are the steps for your first one. You can do your text at any point while setting up your template.

first click on file then new.

On the right hand side of the screen you will see a column high lighted new presentation. Then click on blank presentation.

Here you can select the layout you wish to choose. Once selected the top of that column will now say slide layout. As you will find when making your choices for each section. There is many to pick from. So you can have the presentation the way you want it.

Click on slide layout and scroll down to slide design. Here you can select your background.

At the top of this selection click colour scheme. The you can pick your colours of the slide. You can also select on your high lighted colour box if you want to have this selection for just this slide or all.

Then click animation scheme. Here you can select how you want your text to appear on the presentation.

With all your great work on your slide in front of you. You can click play and watch your presentation come to life.

This process is easy and you can repeat it to make all your slide.



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